Regardless of the status of your project, we can help guide and advise you and your team. Based on our expertise at Blue Water, we are going to look out for your best financial interest by controlling the contractor and architect. Our goal is to arm you with information and solutions.

What is your long-term plan for future growth? Will your current location meet those needs or should you relocate? Blue Water can help you develop a successful strategy for your real estate growth.

Should your business need to grow, or you need a new location or expansion, the process of doing so takes time from what you do best. We’re here to help so you can remain focused on normal operations. Blue Water can take the stress out of construction development by controlling quality, schedule and cost. 

Does your current facility have deferred maintenance or property damage caused by bad design or deterioration from the elements? Blue Water can help evaluate “cause and effect” by identifying the true causes of property damage and estimate the cost of repairs.

We can develop a long-term facilities maintenance plan, budget and manage the process to be cost-effective, and keep disruption to your current operations to a minimum. This includes energy management, electricity cost-cutting measures, and FLIR camera inspection (thermo imaging with infrared cameras) to determine heating and cooling efficiencies, water penetrations and roof leak locations.

We are very happy with the services provided by the Blue Water team; their development and construction knowledge will help us identify future development opportunities and reduce our construction and future facility management costs.

- Barry Owens, General Manager, Treetops Resort